Wednesday, March 14, 2012


After a few days of thinking about it--and by "a few days" I really mean about 10 minutes spread over the course of two days and not enough coffee--I decided to start a blog. But not something that will chronicle my feelings and be an epic exercise in pure narcissism (which, admittedly feels more natural), I want to blog about my experience in graduate school and as a burgeoning adjunct instructor. It is not my intent for this to become a me-centered blog. (That's what Facebook is for.) Rather, I hope to let this be a forum where friends and colleagues can learn from my mistakes and my successes, to find the answers to the questions I forgot to ask until it was too late, to identify ways in which they can give themselves the best possible opportunities, and to answer questions posed to me.

I envision that this blog will eventually feature the following sections: frequent postings about my experiences in academic, what I've learned and discovered; a FAQ section in which I can answer questions sent to me; and perhaps other sections will come to me organically.

For now, though...

Welcome to Give Me Coffee or Sympathy.